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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Toluwani P4

There was once a white spider named Didi. He was always full of mischief and always made people jump with fright so you can guess he had no friends .One day Didi saw fifty boxes of chocolate at the backyard of Miss. Fluffy’s house, so he planned to take them all, so he carefully went into the backyard, knowing fully well that Miss Fluffy was out for her Saturday shopping he carefully open one box of chocolate not knowing that it was filled with castor oil and he was allergic to it. After tasting it he vomited violently, just at that time Miss Fluffy walked in she pushed Didi out of her house. He became so ashamed that he decided to forever spin webs to make his house and also decided to be hardworking and he also made a lot of friends through

1 comment:

Mrs. Bnkole said...

Hi Toluwai, I enjoyed your story which always follow a pattern.
It's so good o read that Didi learnt his lessons. Kudos for this great effort!