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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The sphere of bones by Thyto P5

        Two Million years ago when people still believed in gods. The gods made a rule that  if a male  baby is born a rib is brought out of the left hand side of the baby’s body as a sacrifice to the gods, and if a female baby is born a rib is brought out from the right hand side as a sacrifice to the gods. Many years past and the people got tired of the rule of the gods and made a plan that their baby’s did not have to feel pain when they are born.  The bravest of them all said that if a baby is born the rib of a lamb is brought as a sacrifice to the gods.
      Two million years past, scientists discovered the ribs of animals and babies, put it together to form a sphere of bones in a museum.

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Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Thyto! You've always been fascinated about scientific stories. Most of your stories have been around science fiction. Keep up the good work my scientist. You put your creativity to work here again. Kudos!