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Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to study

1. Read your book. 2. Close your book. 3. Answer questions. Go over the book again. That is how to study!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The dangerous spider by Promise J P3B

  A woman was celebrating her fiftieth  birthday , she bought a birthday cake with fifty written on it .she walked carefully while bringing in the cake but someone pushed her down and she was so angry that she           did not know when a spider bit her on her leg the leg became swolen they took her to the hospital she ended celebrating her birthday in the ~ hospital

The selfish spider by Funmilayo P5

There lived a white spider, the spider was very selfish and he was a thief. One day, he went to his friend’s house, he carefully pushed the door open. When he entered the house, stole one hundred thousand Naira, and ran out of the house. The white spider’s friend woke up and found out that is money was stolen but he was very rich so he did not bother. The white spider had fifty sisters, he was always wicked so one day all his sisters planned to beat him up, so they beat him up and he learnt his lesson.

Beauty's Hobby by Sunmisola P4

There lived a girl named Beauty; she had many friends at school and at church. One day, Beauty’s class teacher told the pupils that they would have to say their hobby and the person who does well would get the golden cup. Beauty decided to practice, she studied carefully, and some of her classmates said she would not get the cup. Her classmates did not remember about it. On Sunday, Beauty said it fifty times. On Monday, she said her name and started, my best colour is white and I hate pushing and spiders. Thank you. They gave her the cup and people were so jealous.

The very big spider by Kelly P3A

One day, a girl named angel was very happy with her parent and family’s. She loved to dance, sing and laugh. So one day she saw a white house she has never seen before so she went inside and carefully walked inside then she saw a big spider, she shouted so loud that she made the spider run away. Then a boy named miracle pushed angel to the spider then the spider born fifty spiders. They were destroying the town. Then a superhero came and saw the spider attacking them and destroying the town he came down and saved the town.       

Toluwani P4

There was once a white spider named Didi. He was always full of mischief and always made people jump with fright so you can guess he had no friends .One day Didi saw fifty boxes of chocolate at the backyard of Miss. Fluffy’s house, so he planned to take them all, so he carefully went into the backyard, knowing fully well that Miss Fluffy was out for her Saturday shopping he carefully open one box of chocolate not knowing that it was filled with castor oil and he was allergic to it. After tasting it he vomited violently, just at that time Miss Fluffy walked in she pushed Didi out of her house. He became so ashamed that he decided to forever spin webs to make his house and also decided to be hardworking and he also made a lot of friends through

Sunday, 18 March 2012

For the Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to our sweet mothers. Thank God for mothers like you who are committed to raising godly kids even in this generation. We celebrate you Mother!

Monday, 12 March 2012

The weather Changed for the worst by Abigail P4

Autumn and Summer were children of Spring and Winter. One day Winter said to them, Autumn and Summer your dad and I have planned a vacation spot for us to go. Dad is going to Mexico, Autumn is going to Nigeria, Summer is going to Sahara desert, and finally I’m going to America .what do you all say about that, asked the Mom? It's okay chorused everyone with dad’s loud voice. It's okay said Autumn with brotherly voice. Its okay said Summer with a baby voice not feeling okay and the weather changed for the worst.

The weather changed for the worst by Thyto P5

          In Washington D.C 1982 Billy an emotional but curios teenager was arrested for theft .in prison as every other prisoner narrated how they got into jail he narrated his, he said in his high school every night by 8:00 pm because his hostel was at the last floor some of his roommates always dressed in black and sneaked out the window. One night he dressed in black and followed them not knowing they were going to steal doing this he was caught and imprisoned.  At the night a wish granter came to Billy and asked him what his wish was because he was angry he said he wished the weather changed for the worst till today sometimes the weather does change for the worst.

The Farmer and the Boy (In the Garden) by

There lived a boy and farmer. The farmer had lots of flowers in his garden; the boy always stole the farmer’s flowers. The farmer went to the boy’s house and told the boy stealing is bad.

In the garden by Jaeda P2B

There lived a boy and farmer. The farmer had lots of flowers in his garden; the boy always stole the farmer’s flowers. The farmer went to the boy’s house and told the boy stealing is bad.

In the garden by Debra P1B

Have you ever seen a garden? In the garden, it is so cool and lovely. It is beautiful and blossoms with beautiful colourful flowers. Have you seen a garden? Where birds sings and loved ones go.

…..the weather changed for the worst by Sunmisola P4

On a windy Wednesday morning during holiday, Beauty and her brother Joseph went out to buy chocolate from a store. Suddenly, a storm came and Beauty and Joseph ran home sadly without getting to the grocery store. At home, Joseph was praying for the storm to reduce so that they can go and buy chocolate. After some time, beauty and Joseph went to watch T.V in the sitting room. Minutes later, Beauty said, “Let us go and see where the wind is coming from with our wind vane”. “The weather has changed for the worst” said Joseph. They later both slept and woke up to find the was nice again

The Pig’s worst holiday (…..the weather changed for the worst). By Promise J P3B

A pig was on holiday. He travelled to see his grandparents, by the time got to his village, it had started raining. It rained so hard that he could not go out to see his friends. The weather changed for the worst as it rained continually for two days.

“…..the weather changed for the worst” by Ejiro P4

The rain is falling again Heavily and loud I still remember when my garden was destroyed by the rain It was bad. It spoiled my flowers and grasses, My trees and ponds. The weeds and sands It nearly flooded my house The weather changed for the worst I will never forget what happened in my garden

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Glued bones by Heritage, Faithfulness and Elosola

Faith's pet lizard died while he was away and that made him have interest in bones. He decided to hunt for dead animals bones. He told his friends about it, so they brought animal bones to him. He got so many bones and pondered on what to use it for. One day, he had an idea so he started using strong glue to glue the parts together and later succeeded. It's now a very popular art that's making impact in the world.

The broken Bone by Promise J P3A

There once lived a dog named Leo. He liked bones. So he hid them inside his room. He went to his mother who was far away. Another dog went inside his house and broke the bone.when leo came back and saw his bones broken. The Police dog heard it and arrested the dog that broke the bones

Dinosaur bones by Abigail P4

Her name is Aisly. She warned her children sternly saying I can see into the future.  I can see your bones in the museum. Be warned, the times are changing, I am going to meet God in heaven as she said that she yielded up the ghost a week later her two twin daughters (that makes four) buried her.
They did not have money to buy flowers and they decided to call the family members but, the had no money to buy credit to call the family and they had no money to eat so they died. An archeologist saw their bones lying on the floor so they quickly took it with them to the stadium.

Bones by Aniekan MSSM

Bones are got from dead animals. Without bones in an animal, that animal would not walk on his hinds and limbs.
Bones enlarge from time to time.
Animal bones, such as bones of animals that are extinct are kept in the museum. Good examples are the dinosaur and the panda.
Bones are still being discovered till today in different locations.
Without bones in our body, we are like match sticks that are tossed up and down!

The sphere of bones by Thyto P5

        Two Million years ago when people still believed in gods. The gods made a rule that  if a male  baby is born a rib is brought out of the left hand side of the baby’s body as a sacrifice to the gods, and if a female baby is born a rib is brought out from the right hand side as a sacrifice to the gods. Many years past and the people got tired of the rule of the gods and made a plan that their baby’s did not have to feel pain when they are born.  The bravest of them all said that if a baby is born the rib of a lamb is brought as a sacrifice to the gods.
      Two million years past, scientists discovered the ribs of animals and babies, put it together to form a sphere of bones in a museum.

The Magic Bone by Kelly P3B

One day, Akin saw a bone on the floor, picked it up and took it home. He asked his mother if he could feed his dog with it. She said “yes”, so he went outside to feed his dog with the bone.  At that moment the bone came alive, he was surprised that it is alive and it started to run away, he chased it. Then he was in a forest. He saw lots of bones lying on the ground, he got scared. Then the bones started to come together till they became a pile of bones. All of a sudden he woke up and it was a dream.
By Kelly

Friday, 2 March 2012

Quad blogging week-focus on Bankys

Thanks to all quadblogging members in our team who posted there comments on our blog this week. You have encouraged us. We hope to post comments on the blog of the next school. Once again, "thank you" team members!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

It wasn't my fault by Somieye J P3A

One Saturday morning i was cleaning my mum's car i mistakenly hit the side mirror of the car and it got broken. it wasn't my fault. Two days ago i was sweeping the floor the got scattered,it was not properly tied. It wasn't my fault. On my dad's birthday 22-02-2012 i open the fridge and drinks fell out from the rake and they got broken. It wasn't my fault.