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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Grandparents- Joy P5

Grandparents are old people who are our mother’s or father’s parents. Grandparents are important because they are always there to help you. My grandfather passed away years ago, my grandmother visited us this year in the month of June and went back last week Saturday. My grandmother did me a favour by staying alive. She was very sick because she had diabetes. When she came to Abuja for treatment, I went to visit her in the hospital and met her between life and death. I ask her to do me a favour by staying alive and she did. She is prayerful, serve and God.


Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Hamzah I am from rhyddings your blog was vary interresting and amazing the grand father blog was vary interresting

Anonymous said...

that was a very nice blog post and i bet that your grandparents are realy nice. Also the only Grand parent Ive got left is my grandma because my grandad is dead he died two days before my tenth birthday.

Anonymous said...

that sad your grandfather passed away and yeah i agree grandparents are there to help

Anonymous said...

its sad that your grandfather passed away and yes i agree your grandparents are there to help