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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Treasure by Kelly P4

A boy named James lived with his parents. One Saturday morning he went out to play with his friend, they played all round and came to found a pirate ship and immediately saw the pirate coming out of the ship. The pirate man talked to them, showed his collected treasure, and wanted them to help him. “Its dark and time to go home” they told the man, while still with the man they saw a map that looked upside down. On their way home they talked about the map and try to figure out what locations were on the map.

Oliver the thief by Joy P5

Oliver lived in Udoma village in a small cottage with his parents. Oliver was stubborn and a thief as well. He always steal people’s thing and rejected advices from everyone for him to stop stealing. Instead he took pleasure in it day by day. On day, he went out without his parent’s permission. He saw a glittering coiled thing on a tree and it looked upside down, unknown to him that’s a snake. He tried to take it and the snake bit his hand, he realized. He rushed home and realized he had to stop stealing; he survived the bite and repented from stealing.

The Golden Harp by Miracle P4

Some children went out to play a pirate game. They moved out of the building. As they were going they saw a treasure box then they put it in their boat and continued to sail the sea. They keep seeing treasure boxes, as they sail on they met a dragon, they all exclaimed arrrggh! They brought out their swords, fought the dragon, and killed it. They opened a treasure box and found a golden harp, it was looking upside down. They tried to turn it the upright way but nothing worked. They were disappointed and turned back home. Promised to the golden harp again.

It looked upside down by Toluwani P5

There lived a boy named John. It was almost John's birthday and he was going to have a party. On the D-day of the party people gave John present and gift, his best friend, Tom  gave him an alien toy that had two eyes one at his jaw and another one on his head. John did not like it because it looked upside down and made his eyes turn, but he pretended to like it. One day his dog spunky chewed it and made it slimy, and then he realized that he liked the toy. That day he learnt to always appreciate a gift.

Tina the Artist by Sunmisola P5

Tina was a girl of age 9; she wanted to become an artist. Her parent wanted her to become a medical doctor but she refused to listen to them, she rather followed her dream. Soon, there was a drawing competition between five schools, Tina entered and practiced at home. On the day of the competition she drew a beautiful robot. The judge held her paper the wrong way that it looked upside down, he later turned it the right way and after much consideration Tina was declared the winner. Her parents and school were proud of her and encouraged her to become an artist.