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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The very big spider by Kelly P3A

One day, a girl named angel was very happy with her parent and family’s. She loved to dance, sing and laugh. So one day she saw a white house she has never seen before so she went inside and carefully walked inside then she saw a big spider, she shouted so loud that she made the spider run away. Then a boy named miracle pushed angel to the spider then the spider born fifty spiders. They were destroying the town. Then a superhero came and saw the spider attacking them and destroying the town he came down and saved the town.       

1 comment:

Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Kelly, this is a good effort. You can however, be careful not to repeat some words in your write-up because that distorts the flow of he meaning your story ought to carry.
Thank God for he superhero who saved everybody in the town.
Keep writing.