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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


This year's career day promises to be fantastic. The pupils are sharing the importance of their chosen career to National Development.

Grandparents- Ejiro P6

Grandparents are your parents’ parents. They come to your house to spend Christmas or other celebrations or you can visit them in the village. They can buy you everything you need, that’s why they are fantastic. I love my grandparents because they are so kind, they make you feel happy when you are sad, and they will take you out and buy things for you. They always stand up for you when you are in trouble and speak for you. They make delicious meal when you are hungry. Grandparents are important because they make you all the time.

Grandparents- Joy P5

Grandparents are old people who are our mother’s or father’s parents. Grandparents are important because they are always there to help you. My grandfather passed away years ago, my grandmother visited us this year in the month of June and went back last week Saturday. My grandmother did me a favour by staying alive. She was very sick because she had diabetes. When she came to Abuja for treatment, I went to visit her in the hospital and met her between life and death. I ask her to do me a favour by staying alive and she did. She is prayerful, serve and God.

Grandparents -Chisom P4B

When your parents are not around they take care of you, when you are sad they make you happy. Grandparents love their Grandchildren like a treasure. They promise to and do help the family no matter what. When you lose your job they will help you get new one and if they can’t get new one for you, they will help you to feed the family.  If your Grandparents are still alive you are lucky. Grandparents are important because if you have them you have everything. Grandparents tell stories, give ideas and advice, hardworking, help you and sometimes give money. I love my Grandparents

Grandparents -Miracle P4B

Grandparents are important because they are the ones that gave birth to our parents. Grandparents are older then everybody in the house. They taught us how to do good works and to live in peace and harmony. They are good leaders. Grandparents always believe we can be the best even when we are not doing well at the moment. My Grandmother lives in the United States of America. It’s a pity I don’t see her everyday but my cousin Brandon does. I remember the day my Grandmother made chicken pepper soup and gave me the largest portion of meat and everyone became jealous of me. This is simply because I am her Grandson. I love my Grandmother very much.

Grandparents- Promise J P4B

I love my Grandparents because they buy things for me. When I’m crying they pet me. They work hard and they always tell me nice stories. They are very old. But most of all I think Grandparents are important because when I’m sad they make me happy.

Grandparents are important by Adedayo P 4A

Grandparents are important because… Grandparents are important because they are the ones who gave birth to my parents. They are always there to guide and advice me and my parents on things to do. They keep us company when our parents travel and buy us things when we need them, that is why they made a poem about Grandparents. The poem goes “Grandparents are groovy; they take you to the movies They buy special treats and make you feel unique And when you are unhappy or feeling kind of blue they land you a warm shoulder and say they love you”. You see why Grandparents are important.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Halloween Day by Promise J P4B

David loved Halloween and today was Halloween day. David's mother bought him a dragon costume. As David was wearing the costume, all he could see was two red eyes, it was difficult to see. David decided he would not wear the costume and from that day onwards, David HATED Halloween.