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Thursday, 21 November 2013


One faithful day, Peter went to the beach to play. He didn't listen to the weather forecast show. There was going to be a powerful tsunami. So Peter and his family entered the sea, but Peter was too tired of swimming. So he left the sea. The tsunami had started, but Peter didn't know. The tsunami killed his dad and all his family. He went home heartbroken. The following day, he went to that same beach. He saw a letter in the bottle. He opened the bottle which was from God. And it said, "no matter how terrible anything has been, God still looks after you".

Saturday, 16 November 2013

E-learning stepped up in BANKYS

We are giving the Stars of BANKYS that cutting-edge, outstanding education to make them future ready. They are being trained to face the challenges that may arise in the next decade and ahead. On Christ the solid rock we stand to impact the Pupis/students to be life-changers. Join us as we move on in excellence.