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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The selfish spider by Funmilayo P5

There lived a white spider, the spider was very selfish and he was a thief. One day, he went to his friend’s house, he carefully pushed the door open. When he entered the house, stole one hundred thousand Naira, and ran out of the house. The white spider’s friend woke up and found out that is money was stolen but he was very rich so he did not bother. The white spider had fifty sisters, he was always wicked so one day all his sisters planned to beat him up, so they beat him up and he learnt his lesson.


Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Funmilayo, thanks for this entry into 100wc. It's important to behave well and not be a nuissociety the society. Well done!

Maple Class said...

I loved your story for the 100 word challenge Funmilayo. I am afraid of spiders so your spider having fifty sisters made me extra frightened! Well done, your story kept me interested all the way through. I'm glad he learned his lesson in the end.
Mrs Prior - Maple class

Luke & Corey said...

Hi, we're Luke & Corey from High View England and we loved reading the 100 word challenge!!!