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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wk 32 Abasiono P2A

My name is Abasiono. I want to write about my teacher. My teacher teaches me hardbthings I dont know. He would tell us what to do like the first time we started doing factors, I did not know it, I told my teacher he explained and explained I didn't still understand. I was felling like crying but now I know fractions. It is like multiplication table. If they say find the factor of 5= 5 and 1. The end of my story is no school can be like Bankys.

Week 32 Abigail P4

I'll like to convince people that Bankys is the best school. Because when we came to Bankys in 2007, I did not know how to read and spell very well. In Nursery Two, Mrs. Adetunji taught me how to read. When I was in Primary 1(one) Miss Ugah taught me. She always had six kind words which are, 'it is for your own good' and now I am still following that even though I am in Primary 4(four).

Monday, 14 May 2012

100wc Wk 30 Funmilayo P5

There lived a girl, she had everything she needed and her birthday was drawing near. She was very happy about that, later she told her mother about it, her mother asked her to make a list. She wrote the list and gave it to her mother forgetting something, then she said to herself, ‘now what do I need’. Her mother told her to get ready, they are going to the supermarket. On getting to the supermarket, they bought everything on the list. On her birthday, she invited all her friends, they enjoyed the birthday.  

100wc Wk 30 Ejiro P4

There lived a boy named. He wanted to make a boat, he didn’t know how to do it, he said to himself ‘now what do I need now’, so he decided to ask his mother, his mother taught him but when he went back to his room he couldn’t make it. He went back to his mother but she is no more at home. He tried and tried to remember but he couldn’t, he aksed his Aunt, she taught him and he made the boat very well even better than the way his aunt taught him. He thanked his aunt for teaching him how to make a boat.  

100wc Wk 30 Promise J P3B

One day, there lived a boy named Peter, his mother told him to buy biscuit, egg, rice, chicken all in the market. So, he went to the market to buy what his mother told him to buy. After buying everything, he said to himself, ‘now what do I need to buy again’.

The Secret Recipe - Runor P5

A girl was turning nine, she had a step mother who steals always, and she wanted to steal a secret recipe from her step daughter Rose. Rose was always doing her work, her step mother Sintia was in Rose’s bedroom looking for the recipe, she found it and ran to the kitchen. She said to herself, “now what do I need to do now”. She carried eggs, flour, sugar, e.t.c. she was making the cake when Rose saw her and called the police, she was arrested. Rose was very happy and never got stressed again.

100wc Wk 29 Toluwani P4

There lived a girl named Laura . Laura was a very kind girl,she always helped the needy and her parent were very proud of her. On the 25th of march was Laura's birthday, laura was so happy beacuase it was her 11th year old birthday. Her parent took her out shopping,they asked her what she wanted and she was thinking, ‘now what do I need’, so she said she wanted a doll house with a car, cupboard, furnitures, beautiful doll's that she could put inside, her parent bought it for her and she was very happy she took care of it and never let it out of her sight.