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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Glued bones by Heritage, Faithfulness and Elosola

Faith's pet lizard died while he was away and that made him have interest in bones. He decided to hunt for dead animals bones. He told his friends about it, so they brought animal bones to him. He got so many bones and pondered on what to use it for. One day, he had an idea so he started using strong glue to glue the parts together and later succeeded. It's now a very popular art that's making impact in the world.


Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Heritage, Faithfulness and Elosola, that was a good collaboration. You turned your bones into art and that is really nice. Mind your punctuation e.g ...hunt for dead animals' bones. Keep writing.

Ope Shina said...

Nice piece of work, lovely collaboration, short, precise and on-point in delivery. Hope to see more from you girls or as an individual.
Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!