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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

1st Mid-Term Tests 2012/2013

The tests hold between Monday 22nd and Wednesday 24th across the classes. Mid-Term break is for Thursday 25th and Friday 26th October. We pray that our Stars excel. 2nd half Term begins on Monday 29th.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bad weather by Jed Onotu

The weather was bad yesterday. The weather was rainy and cold. The weather was bad and we couldnt play. The wind spread dust evry wear. I didnt enjoy the ad weather.

Bad Weather by Pearl

Bad weather can make people cold. Bad weather can make people have fever. Bad weather can make people unhappy. Bad weather can make evrywhere floodiy. Bad weather can make evrywhere cold.

Bad Weather by Glory

I ate bad weather. It makes children to not have fun. It makes people to not enjoy their weekend. It makes people to not enjoy. It makes us to not go out. The end

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bad weather by Chisom P4A

Nigeria is experiencing Flooding this year because of bad weather. Floods have exploded people’s emotion washing away farm lands and all tiny household items and families are displaced. All green land is covered with water. No crops left untouched, framers and everybody in Nigeria are left with sorrow. I feel very sorry for my fellow Nigerians; we are experiencing all these because of bad weather. Bad weather can make a rich country poor. Nigeria will not allow bad weather to destroy her economy; we must take caution to avoid the effect of bad weather next year.

Bob the rabbit by Franklin P3A

Once upon a time in the deep green forest, there lived a very smart tiny rabbit. The name of the rabbit is Bob. Bob is always feeling lonely because he did not have any friend. So one day he decided to learn a piano. But no friend to teach him to play a piano. So he decided to go to the nearest town to look for a piano lesson teacher. On his way he ran into Mr. Fox, “oh sorry Mr. Fox I wasn’t looking” Bob said to Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox said to Bob “where are you going, Bob?” and Bob replied “off to town” “but the town is not a place for you, you like the quiet life. The noise in town will make your ears explode” said Mr. Fox. “But I need to find a piano teacher” said Bob. Come with me I can teach you how to play piano” Mr. Fox said.

The tiny little man by Destiny P5

In a faraway town called Green Town. It was a beautiful town because its always green and clean. Everyone loved living in Green Town. One day, a tiny little man showed up and everyone was happy to have a new person come to their beautiful town. They all welcomed the new person happily and nicely. Everyone loved his coming. One day he was going to see one of his friend, he never knew that there is a diversion on the road and caused his car to tumble and explode with him in the car. He was rushed to the hospital. One of his friend played piano for him, everyone was sorry for the tiny little man. A few weeks later, he was discharge from the hospital

The story of the two boys and the green ball by Chizzy P3A

One day, there were two boys one named John and the other named Peter. The two of them were playing a green ball, they left the ball outside to go in and drink water. Then a boy named Simon took a tiny sharp object and pierced their green ball and hid in a bush. When the two boys heard an explosion sound like, they ran outside and saw that their ball had been busted, they also saw a small hole on it and catch a glimpse of Simon hiding, they go after him and caught him and were about to beat him up when he apologized and he told them he is sorry.