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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Suddenly I saw by Toluwani P4

There was a girl named Sarah, she lived in a small town called Goodluck town .She was so poor that she ate only once in a day. Her father was a famer and her mother was a trader, she went to a public school called New Foundation School. One day when Sarah came back from school she met the house empty as usual, as she was about to take a glass of water, suddenly she saw a snake, she was sacred and wanted to run away, but she decided to kill the snake. She killed it and when her parents came back, she told them about the snake episode, they were proud of her.


Mrs Skinner said...

Hello Toluwani! What a great story for this week's prompt. She certainly was brave and deserves her parents being proud. Thank you so much for sharing your work on 100wc

Anonymous said...

wow! i really like the way her parents were proud not worried.