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Monday, 9 July 2012

100 WC by Mineh P4

There lived a girl named Joy. She was 10 years old and wanted to become a sport woman in future. One day, she went to school and told her friends Oiza, Angel and Samuel. At 02:00 pm school was over and they all went home. At night Joy was feeling happy and went to bed with the same feeling, while sleeping she dreamt that she was a sportswoman and was in the London Olympics competing in 100m, 200m and 4x4 race, as she was about to begin her race she suddenly woke up, it is morning and time to prepare for school. She felt so bad.

100wc by Toluwani P4

...My race was about to begin when... There lived a boy named Jason. Jason was a very nice and serious, he loved sport, and he was very good at the track especially 100m race. The Olympic was round the corner and everybody were getting ready for it. Jason was in the Olympic and busy preparing for it .The Olympic was here and everybody was excited and jumping up and down .The Olympic started at 10.00 a.m., Jason was in the 100m race, the race was about to begin, he did not know that his shoelace was untied, so tripped over it and fell down. He was so embarrassed that he never ran races again.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

why school is important by Funmilayo P5

School is a place where people go to learn and it’s very important because when you are schooling you will have knowledge and be smart. Another reason is, school is a place where you get comfort whenever you are down; you meet people who will help you a lot. It is good to go to school.

Rachael and her friend by Promise P3B

One day, Rachael was going to school. Obinna her friend was skipping and asks Rachael to join him. Instead, Rachael went straight to school. Later in the day, Obinna ask Rachael, “why do you think school is important?” Rachael said “because teachers teach me to be more educated”.

why school is important by Runor P5

There lived a girl called Ann. She had a friend called Bola, they both grew. At the age of three, Ann’s mother told her that she will soon start school. Ann was happy. In the afternoon of that same day, Ann told her friend “my mother told me that I will soon start school”. Bola said, “why do you think school is so important”? Ann said “school is so important because we learn educative things to build our future.

why school is important by Mineh P4

There lived two girls called Sarah and Lola. They were very best friends, they schooled in the same school called Grace International School. One day, they were having a debate and the title was “why is school important”. Sarah and Lola were representing their class pry 4. Lola and Sarah were told they will be going against pry 5. They learnt what they are to present and they won the competition. While still rejoicing, there teacher ask them why do you think school is important? Lola answered and said “it is important because people will get a better future!