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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Suddenly I saw by Ejiro P4

There was a loud and heavy rain falling from the sky.  It was filled with lightning and thunder everywhere, even in my house. I told my parents "am scared" but they said I shouldn’t be. Suddenly, I saw a tornado coming towards our house. I started to scream and shout but nothing happened. The tornado destroyed my garden and our basement; this was a terrible experience for my family after the rain which started at about 02:00 am in the morning and stopped at 06:00 pm in the evening. We thank God that nothing happened to us.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this piece of writing Ejiro. You paint the scene well. You could have described the damage to the house in more detail. Thank you for your 100WC entry.

J Ratcliffe said...

Wow Ejori, you really showed that this was a terrifying event to be happening. I like the way that you 'screamed and shouted' to show your fear. Why do you think the parents were so calm?

If you had more than 100 words, it would have been good to develop the description of the devastation the tornado caused.

Thanks for posting,
Mrs Ratcliffe (Team 100 WC)