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Friday, 1 February 2013

Wk 17. Princess P5

CHALLENGE Once upon a time there was a girl named angel she had a treasure it was a key hat could open all doors, the girl was so proud because no one else had that same key. So one day as she was going out the fell down in the bush because she was proud, then she found that the key was not with her, she became angry that anyone who greets her she will fight the person. One day the friend of angel found the treasure key and gave it to the owner and she learnt never to be proud of herself.

Wk 17. Sunmisola P5

THE MISSING TREASURE In a certain city lived two children named Angel Gladness. They wished to find treasure’s someday. One day the two girls went to play around not quite a long time they soon became lost in the middle of nowhere they were afraid. They searched for two days but couldn’t find their way. The two girls saw a cave from a distance. The girls rushed towards it. On their way they saw a key, ran to the cave they fond a treasure, and opened it soon they found their way home and they were all happy.

Wk 17. Kelly P 4B

THE GOLDEN KEY Jack lived with his parent; his dad told him they will be going out hunting, Jack loves going hunting with his dad. They both set out for hunting in the jungle, they caught lots of games and they decided to return home. On their way home, Jack saw something glowing in the bush, he quickly move over to see what is glowing, he waved the bushes asides and finally get to the bottom of the grasses to see a golden key lying on the grasses. He picked it up and joined his dad without noticing him, both left the jungle together.

Wk 17. Mayowa P3A

THE KEY ON THE GRASS There was once a man who lived in a village called Lougbe. One day, he was going out with his car, when he arrived at a place he noticed his special key was missing. He searched for the key frantically but he couldn’t find the key. As he was about to leave in frustration, he saw a little girl playing with the key. Then he asked her “where did you find this key?” the girl said “I found it on the grass”. So he said “can you hand it over it please?” the girl did and he thanked her.

Wk 17. Jaeda P3B

THE LOST KEY One day, there was a man whose name is John and he lived in a village. So one day, he went out hunting with his dog and gun. As he was walking he stepped on something but did not know what it is, so he removed his leg and he saw a key. He recognized the key, belonging to his neighbour who had gone hunting the other day and lost the key. He picked it up and returned home to give the key back to his neighbour. The neighbour was glad to have his key back, he thanked Mr. John.

Wk 17. Miracle P4B

THE HUNTER AND THE MAGIC KEY One day, a hunter went to the bush, he killed a lion and the lion turned into a magic key, the magic key was lying on the grass. The hunter knows about a magic door and a magic key in a lion and knowing what the key can do, he embark on the journey to unlock the magic door. He travelled deep into the swamp forest, crossed seven rivers full of alligators, pass through a jungle and other erroneous tasks he went through. At last he got to the magic door and opened it, he saw a lot of goodies and brought them home.

Wk 17 Praise P5

THE KEY ON THE GRASS Mr. Obi usually goes to his office as early as 07.00am. On this day he prepared quickly as usual to catch the bus. On getting to the office, he put his hand into his pocket to bring out the key to the office door; unfortunately the key was not there. He searched all his pockets but the key was nowhere to be found. He hurried back home to look for the key but to no avail. As he was coming out of his compound unhappy, he saw the key lying there on the grass. He picked it up happily and off he went back to work.