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Friday, 29 June 2012

Submit laptops

All Primary pupils are to submit their laptops to Mrs. Bankole's office for an assignment.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Debra O. P1B

My mother ran at the inta House sports. My best colour is blue. My sister loves puppy. My brother is brilliant. My bed is large.

Angel B P1B

If my mummy has much money she will have a large house. The colour of our sport wear is blue. My cuzin dose not likes puppy because I Told her puppys are dogs. I love to be a brilliant girl in my exsams. Running is my sisters best sport.

Monday, 25 June 2012

The Snack Party by Adedayo P3B

There lived a boy called Ed, Ed was six years old, he was quiet and gentle, and in his class he was the teacher’s favourite. Ed had a neighbour that makes a lot of noise. One day, Ed went to his cousin’s house, inside the house the noise was terrifying but, he was surprised when he opened the door and they told him it was his cousin’s birthday. He joined them in singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and doing all other activities, they had snack birthday party. Ed went outside the house while the party was still going on because the noise inside was terrifying to his ears.

Temitope P3A

There was a girl named Mirander Cosglove. She was going to the kitchen when she heard a terrifying noise bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, she said “I need to investigate, so as she was investigating she heard the sound again, the time the noise was terrifying but didn’t scared her. “I will follow the noise to the gate if it’s the last thing I do” she said, so she got to the gate and discovered that the sound is still from inside the house. So what is this terrifying noise? She was thinking, maybe it’s a dinosaur or an agent. She traced the sound again and it lead her to the kitchen, the terrifying noise is the microwave.

The Plane Crash by MacDonald P3B

Long years ago, there was a plane crash in Lagos. So many people died and there was no survivor in the plane crash. People came to the spot and were crying and making lot of noise, the noise was terrifying but the President came with police men to calm people down. But when the President went back to his office, people started making noise and crying.

The New Pupil by Promise J P3B

There lived a boy called Daniel, he was bored. He had not read any book. The clock chimed once, he is ready to go to school, as he was going he heard a terrifying noise from the class he was going to and he said to himself “the noise was terrifying but it’s because there is no teacher in the class”. Meanwhile, the class teacher told the class pupils to remain calm till he comes back from the administrative office where he had gone to get teaching aids. In the class, when the teacher was teaching, Daniel got all the questions the teacher asked and Daniel was a new pupil in the class.

The Boastful Boy by Funmilayo P5

There was a boy named Peter. Peter was a boy who never knew music. Peter had a friend named Seyi. Seyi knows music, he was boastful. One day, Seyi said “I know music better than anyone”. Seyi went to Peter and said I challenge you to a music competition, Peter said “I will think about it”. Seyi said you are scared, so Peter said “I accept the challenge”. It was the challenge day, Seyi was called out first, he got the song he was to play, people clapped him and make noise, the noise was terrifying but it was time for Peter. Peter got the music well, people enjoyed the challenge and Peter won.

5Sc by Princess P1B

If my mummy has much money, she would have a large house. My brother has a blue bag. I have a puppy. I am brilliant. I am running.

5Sc by Jaeda P2B

I have a puppy and its name is Scooby. He is a very playful, lovely and brilliant puppy. Scooby is a puppy but very large puppy. My puppy has lovely blue eyes. The puppy is always running around in the garden.

5Sc by Stephen P2A

My favourite colour is colour blue. The monster is too large. The puppy grows to a dog. Wow! The dog is brilliant. The dog loves running.

The Park by Promise John P3B

There lived a boy called James. He was happy that he would go to the zoo on Monday. He was going with his uncle. So off they went to zoo. James saw tiger. James told his uncle. Uncle I suddenly saw a tiger. James played and played until it was evening, then he went home safely.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

5SC Pearl P1B

Running: My mother ran on inter-house sport day Large: if you must have a car, it has to be very large Blue: My best colour is blue Puppy: Joy likes puppies Brilliant: Gold is a brilliant girl  

5SC Ebere P2B

Running: My mother was running back home to prepare dinner Large: She made a large bowl of rice for me Blue: I could not finish it and I put the remaining food in a blue plate Puppy: My puppy rushed and finished the food Brilliant: You are a brilliant girl said by mummy  

Suddenly I saw by Miracle P3A

There was a boy, his name was Jack. He lived with his mother in a cot. One morning, he went to plant some seeds, the next morning he suddenly saw that it was growing and he was happy. Then he told his mother, she was happy too.

Suddenly I saw by Kiite P3A

Once upon a time, a girl saw many things that surprised her. She saw a man riding on a goat, she was surprised. Suddenly, she saw a man who was poor and was swimming in money and happy. Suddenly, she saw a king begging for money and she was surprised. Again, she saw a woman attending a Pre-School class and she was surprised. Again, she saw a man playing with toys and surprised as usual. She suddenly saw a little baby reading a magazine and from that day she never saw a thing like that again.

Suddenly I saw by Adedayo P 3B

Paul was five years old boy in Primary Three. He was the smallest and the smartest in his class. He always dreams about seeing a shooting star. One day, in the evening, he wished to see a shooting start as he gazes to the sky, suddenly he saw a shooting star. The next day was school and he narrated his story to his classmates and Teacher, with excitement in his face he said, “The Shooting Star came!” And everybody clapped him as he ended his story and go for his seat. His teacher asked him questions concerning the shooting star.


ADVENTURE (...Suddenly I Saw...) One day, mom said that we would travel to Egypt. When we were in Egypt, mom said let’s look around Egypt. So we got a guide who told us to be careful because there are lots of deserts in Egypt. But we were carried away and all of a sudden, we mistakenly entered into a desert. We didn’t eat or drink anything for 5days. We were exhausted and tired and we fell on the floor.  Suddenly I saw a helicopter and I waved as much as my strength could allow me. The pilot saw us and we were saved.

Suddenly I saw by Toluwani P4

There was a girl named Sarah, she lived in a small town called Goodluck town .She was so poor that she ate only once in a day. Her father was a famer and her mother was a trader, she went to a public school called New Foundation School. One day when Sarah came back from school she met the house empty as usual, as she was about to take a glass of water, suddenly she saw a snake, she was sacred and wanted to run away, but she decided to kill the snake. She killed it and when her parents came back, she told them about the snake episode, they were proud of her.

Suddenly I saw by Ejiro P4

There was a loud and heavy rain falling from the sky.  It was filled with lightning and thunder everywhere, even in my house. I told my parents "am scared" but they said I shouldn’t be. Suddenly, I saw a tornado coming towards our house. I started to scream and shout but nothing happened. The tornado destroyed my garden and our basement; this was a terrible experience for my family after the rain which started at about 02:00 am in the morning and stopped at 06:00 pm in the evening. We thank God that nothing happened to us.

...suddenly I saw... By Mineh P4

My Birthday Party "My birthday party is tomorrow" I told my friends about it and they asked what time and the venue of the party. It will be 12:00 noon at Millennium Park. Here is the invitation card, in the invitation card I wrote “You Are Invited To Mineh’s Birthday Party”. 12:00 Noon, Millennium Park Hope You Can Come! The next day we were at my birthday party, suddenly I saw clowns, a cake with candles in the shape of my name, I was very happy. Later, I saw my friends in other seats I called them to sit with me. I was very happy.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Week 33 Sunmisola P4

Dear Mrs. Roukayatou      I know how you feel about the condition in your country [NIGER]. It’s not an enjoyable situation it might be a sad time for your country. In NIGERIA there are problems and these problems causes terrible death. There is no country/people of Nation that has no problem. I feel sorry for your country maybe I can come to your country to give out some things to you. I can even tell you about the way we dress the way we speak [different languages]. The people should try to search for gold. May God provide for your country in Jesus name, Amen.    

A Letter to Fatimata -Mineh P4

A Letter to Fatimata Dear Fatimata,    Fatimata, I also like cattle and I am very sorry your cattle died and sorry about the food crisis in your country that begins in 2010. I have never experience it in my life. Don’t be discouraged; pray to God to help you go to school because there you will get prizes and He will help you find food so that you will not die of hunger, also pray for God to put an end to the food crisis. Your arm ache will soon go, just make a time table of what you will do. Thank You!  

Week33 Ejiro P4

Dear Fatimata, I am very sorry for what is happening in Niger about the food and water crisis. How I wish you had some food and water for you and your grandmother to eat and drink. I want to tell you about my life. I live in Nigeria, a neighboring country to Niger. There is always corruption and robbery in my country, and I believe it will be a better nation someday. Fatima, how I feel about your story is, it is very sad to hear you not going to school, eating good food and drinking water. I wish your country will be a better place.