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Monday, 12 March 2012

…..the weather changed for the worst by Sunmisola P4

On a windy Wednesday morning during holiday, Beauty and her brother Joseph went out to buy chocolate from a store. Suddenly, a storm came and Beauty and Joseph ran home sadly without getting to the grocery store. At home, Joseph was praying for the storm to reduce so that they can go and buy chocolate. After some time, beauty and Joseph went to watch T.V in the sitting room. Minutes later, Beauty said, “Let us go and see where the wind is coming from with our wind vane”. “The weather has changed for the worst” said Joseph. They later both slept and woke up to find the was nice again

1 comment:

Dr. Lisa (Team 100WC) said...


This is nicely written. I feel bad that Beauty and Joseph never got their chocolate.

Great approach to the challenge. Keep writing!

Dr. Lisa (Team 100WC)