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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Week33 Ejiro P4

Dear Fatimata, I am very sorry for what is happening in Niger about the food and water crisis. How I wish you had some food and water for you and your grandmother to eat and drink. I want to tell you about my life. I live in Nigeria, a neighboring country to Niger. There is always corruption and robbery in my country, and I believe it will be a better nation someday. Fatima, how I feel about your story is, it is very sad to hear you not going to school, eating good food and drinking water. I wish your country will be a better place.  


Miss Robbins (Team 100WC) said...

Hi Ejiro, I like how your letter to Fatimata tells her what your life is like in your own country. Don't forget to end your letter with 'yours sincerely' or 'best regards' or anything similar to that effect. I really like how you end your letter wishing Niger to become a better place.

Fay (Team 100WC) said...

Hi Ejiro,
I am sure that Fatima appreciates your support through the 100 word challenge and is interested to hear what Is happening in a country close to hers. I wish you lots of luck for the future and thank you for writing to someone even less fortunate than yourself.