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Friday, 10 January 2014

But when I put the batteries in it by Kelly P6

Alex lives on a hill with his parents. He asked his parents if they could buy him a toy truck. His parents agreed they said "on Saturday they will buy it for him at Shoprite". Alex was so happy. On Saturday they saw a toy truck they asked if it had batteries they said "no". They asked where batteries are. They said store 7. They went there and found space for batteries. It did not work but when he put the batteries in it, it worked.

But as I put the batteries in it by Promise J P5

Tommy woke up early on a Friday morning, because he was so excited to go to the new toy shop. So he quickly woke up his dad they bathed and brushed but Tommy was too excited and forgot to eat his breakfast. When they got to the toy store, Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes. He looked everywhere and saw lots and lots of toys as he turned to the right hand side of the shop he saw a robot and immediately asked his dad to buy it which he did and also bought some batteries from the battery shop. When they got home Tommy got the batteries went to his room and put the batteries in it, but as he put the batteries in it, it didn’t work Tommy asked his dad what had happened and his dad replied those are machine batteries. Tommy got the real batteries and played with the robot happily.

But when I put the batteries in it by Muna P3

Jane loved boys. Her dad gave her toys and one was a toy lion. The lion needed two batteries so she put the batteries in it. The toy lion talked to me. The lion said, "hellow Jane. Jane was surprised. Her parents didn't believe her. She told her friends. Her friends said, what a cool toy"But her friend didn't believed her. She was sad that nobody believed her.

But when I put the batteries in it by Elosola P5

Jennifer lived with her parents and her brother. She had a toy she played with so her brother asked, "please can I play with your toy? She said "yes". So Joe asked Jennifer, are there batteries in it? She said "yes" but the light and sound are not working. So she did not bother so Joe went to continue playing with the toy. Jennifer went to ask her mother, can you bring batteries for my toys? She put the batteries and it did not work but when I out the batteries in it and I pressed the button the toy started to work.