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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Wk 16. Kelly P4B

The big Race James lives with his parents. On Monday, his schools going to have a race. James was so happy. He told his mom and his mom said, "you have to wear your sweater on that day". James replied, "why should I wear a sweater?" His mom said, "you should wear a sweater on Saturday beacuse there will be a frost. James asked, "hat s a frost mom?" Mom said, "a frost is when there ill be a very old wheather". James asked, "can I where my green sweater?" Of course! You can, but where did you keep it? James said, I think I kept it in the heavy caravan". On Saturday, he wore his sweater and he ran and won the competition.

Divine Odolison P4A

Angel’s Story Her name is Angel, 8 years old living in Gaduwa estate attending Bankys Private School. Her favourite colour is green, every Thursday her school always have sporting activities. One Thursday, Angel’s teacher ask her to participate in the 100m race, when Angel was running she fell on a big heavy rock, she got injured badly and her teacher had to take her to a clinic. On the way to the clinic, they met a frost old woman, the old woman took Angel into her caravan house and attended to her with her first aid box, she got better and no need to go to the clinic

Praise P5

Frost Green Caravan Heavy Running Most of the Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Oman e.t.c. are found in the desert region of the world. A desert is a region with little or no water and a place where water and GREEN plants are found in the desert is known as oasis. In harmattan, the weather is FROST, camels move in groups known as CARAVAN with HEAVY loads on their back. Camels are fond of RUNNING with loads on their back. Camels are called the chief of the desert because they are the most common animals in the desert.

Nifemi P3A

Frost Green Caravan Heavy Running We were travelling in our GREEN CARAVAN for an excursion at the national park. There was HEAVY FROST on the windscreen. Though the journey was very slow due to the bad weather, we enjoyed watching different animals RUNNING across the park. .

Sunmisola P5

ELINER THE FARMER IN a beautiful frost there lived a girl lived called Eliner she was a popular girl. Her best color was green, he father was a farmer while her mother was a public cook . there they had caravan in their city .ten years later her parent died in car accident. the people Eline knew rejected her. One day there was famine in the city Eliner was the only person that could farm. they pleaded with her and she helped them. soon there was heavy rain and people were running home .two weeks fruits grew, she became president.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The missing notes by Kelly P4

One morning Private asked his mother, "can I have a piano on Saturday." "Yes you can" said the mother. On Saturday, Private got a new piano. After school on Monday, Private wanted to play his piano. "Mum, the notes are missing", he said. The mother asked him to search his room send when Private checked under his bed, he found the notes.

The notes from the piano by Miracle O P4

John was a very lazy boy in Music. Whenever it was Music class, he pretended as if he was sick and he gets taken for first aid. One day, as he was taken to the school sick bay, the first aider asked, "how come it's only on Tuesdays you feel sick. Maybe ou are telling a lie or trying to trick us." The next Tuesday, he did the same thing but it did not work for him because he was taken back to the class. It was Music lesson and he promised never to be lazy. He learnt the notes from the piano and enjoys playing it.

The Piano lesson by Adedayo P4A

Dapo was excited, he was having his first piano lesson with Mr. Joseph whose brother Mr. Bula is also Dapo's English teacher. While in Music class, Mr Joseph asked a question, "who knows the notes from the piano?" "I don't know" Dapo's thought. But he wanted to excel in his piano class, so he practiced so hard and when it was the next piano class, he asked to play 'joyful, joyful'. Mr Joseph was impressed, he therefore promoted Dapo's to Guitar class. Dapo's was happy.

Tom and the piano by Ayomide J P4

Tom was a star in Hollywood so many people liked the way he acted and they wanted him to play the piano but Tom did not know the notes to play. He asked his friend Jake to teach him since he only sings. Jake taught him how to play. Tom got on stage while Jake watched him play. He produced good music that Jake acknowledged was better than his. The end

Dan and his magic piano by Promise J P4B

It was 23rd of January and today is Dan's birthday. Dan was thinking of what he was going to tell his mum to buy. Dan's mother bought a piano. Dan's mother also told him that it was a magic piano. When Dan's mother was gone, the piano told Dan to play two notes on the piano and he loved it.