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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

why school is important by Runor P5

There lived a girl called Ann. She had a friend called Bola, they both grew. At the age of three, Ann’s mother told her that she will soon start school. Ann was happy. In the afternoon of that same day, Ann told her friend “my mother told me that I will soon start school”. Bola said, “why do you think school is so important”? Ann said “school is so important because we learn educative things to build our future.


Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Runoh, that was a lovely piece. Schools indeed fun.

Anonymous said...


im not a big fan of school myself
but it looks like you really like school :)

anyway I really liked it hears two stars an a wonder

* Very good punctuation
* Great speling
(w) make it i bit longer

Tom Bowen
Easten primary school