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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Toluwani P4

Tori Vega always forget things easily. She would forget to feed her dog, forget lunch, forget it was Saturday and wasn't meant to go to school, so you can guess she was a bit of nuisance. One day, her friend, Angela visited her and told her that her tenth birthday was coming up on the 29th of February and that she was having a party. She also told her that Tori was to be the guest, she also warned Tori not to forget her birthday, Tori promised not to forget her birthday.
She woke up forgetting it was Angela's birthday, though she wondered why people were making noise and exploding fireworks around 4pm in the evening. Angela came knocking at her door with tears in her eyes. Angela asked her for the reason of her absence during her party, Tori gave a long shriek saying “oh dear! I forgot it was leap year”. Tori lost a good and kind friend like Angela and missed the parade that they always had on leap years. After this incident Tori learnt to keep records and not forget.Toluwani P4 (Bankys Schl, Nig.)

1 comment:

Mrs. Bankole said...

Hello Toluwani, your story is nice though long. Tori must be really forgetful. You made good use of adjectives like .'shriek' which is quite nice. Thanks or being a regular contributor to 100wc now.