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Friday, 24 February 2012

Hello all, I gave a mid-term project of last week's prompt to the pupils:
For Primary 1&2.
- It is for them to write 5 sentences which can be any length but must be correct sentences each on these three words; Jumping, Running and Skipping
- Post your composition to this blog with the supervision of your parents/adult
- Make sure your entry is not done for you
- If you don't have access to use internet under supervision, you can type and submit on Monday 27th

For Primary 3 - P6
Write a story or poem of 100 words including the following:
...it wasn't my fault...
I look forward to nice write-ups. All the best!


Anonymous said...



It is always a very exciting period that comes after the first three lessons.

We play different kinds of games like skipping and swinging.

Some children are also seen running and jumping in the playground, playing football and handball.

The teachers usually guide us as we play, to make sure we are not hurt.

When the break-over bell goes all the pupils stop playing and go back to their classes.

Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Michael, This is exciting! I'm proud of you. Your entry into 5sentence challenge is great! Keep writing.