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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Kelvin's Adventure by Kelly 3A(Bankys PS, Abj Nig)

One day, a boy named Kelvin was told by his mother that they will go to a castle. He had never gone to a castle before so he was excited. When they arrived at the castle, they greeted the king and queen .The king told them not to go to a particular room, but Kelvin forgot. He went inside the room and pushed a red button and the ground slowly parted. He was afraid and told his mother she did not believe him so he took her to the room. When they got there, the ground had closed. Kelvin didn’t know his mother was stepping at the place that the ground would part.  He mistakenly pushed the red button, his mother feel inside the ground. Ooh would he see his mother again…a                                    


Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Kelly, that's a beautiful entry into 100wc. I was getting carried away with your story when you ended.

John (Team 100wc) said...

Hi Kelvin - what a great 100wc entry! I really enjoyed reading your work. Like Mrs Bankole, I am now wondering what happened next - did mum make it out of the hole?
Well done!

Lorely Team 100WC said...

Hi Kelvin! Well done writing for the 100WC! I enjoyed reading your story. It was exciting and adventurous - I was wondering what would happen inside the castle. You left us on a bit of a cliff-hanger too, not knowing what happens next!

Abigail said...

WOW! You really drew in the reader. I can really see why the king warned them not to go in the room. Keep up the great writing!

Millie PPS said...

Hi I love that piece of writing I hope it has been put on the 100 word website.
Keep up the good writing.

James said...

I found this story ok.