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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

It wasn't my fault by Mineh Ovadje P4

“It Wasn’t My Fault”

Here was I,
Where I was,
In the punishment room,
They beat me with a broom,
At last, that I see
What it is all about?
They were going to set me free,
But I didn’t care.

At that stage,
I was in a cage,
Then I said,
I said, it wasn’t my fault,
But I was not remorse.

I was very angry,
I cried sadly,
It wasn’t my fault, I cried
It wasn’t my fault why it was broken,
I was sulky for a while
Then in shouted aloud, it wasn’t my fault
They released me
Because, I was right
                                                                                                By Mineh Ovadje (Pry 4)

1 comment:

Mrs. Bankole said...

Hi Mineh, your piece is so powerful with high level language. This is incredibly great! Well done!