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Saturday, 4 February 2012

First 5SC

I got this from 100WC.net so that you can have clear idea of what to do Welcome everyone to the latest addition to the Word Challenges! This is a challenge for those who may struggle with getting 100 words written. It may well suit our younger writers say in Key Stage 1 .It may also appeal to older writers who find the whole exercise of getting words into print very daunting.  If they can write 100 words then please direct them to that challenge but if they would feel happier with fewer words – read on!! The rules are:- Children write 5 complete sentences. That means full stops and capital letters. They can be any length but must be correct sentences These are posted on your class blog (if you do not have a class blog but would like to take part please leave a message in the comments)  The URL of the post should be linked below together with the writer’s christian name, year group and school Children should be encouraged to go and read some of the other entries. That is how we get our ideas! Entries can be from individuals. pairs, small groups or even classes. The link will be open for TWO weeks (until 15th February)