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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Once again, ths is an attempt to post Joy's piece on the prompt; 'the ground slowly parted'. I hope it shows well this time. I had to type myself this time. There was a boy named Adeze, he was rude and disobedient to his elders. He lived with his mother in a small cottage. One day Adeze went to the farm with his friends without his mother's knowledge. His mother looked for him around. Then he came back in the night and slept. The next day the mother asked him o go to the arm to get fresh yam. IN his way there he met an old woman carrying a bunch of firewood on her head. The old woman said, "my sin, please help me to carry this firewood to my house. It's not that far from here". He answered her rudely and left without helping her. On getting to the farm, he as about to cut the yam, a strong wind blew then the ground parted slowly. The old woman appeared and drew him out of the ground and the woman said, "do good to others and others will do good to you. Then he went home to his mother and told her what happened and promised that he would be obedient to his mom and kind to his elders. By Joy Okoro


Bankysbankole's desk said...

Hi Joy! The story is interesting. It's quite long though but there are moral lessons in obedience and kindness to learn. Well done!

Lauryn said...

I loved you pries of writing it was one of the best well they are all good but yours stud out that was great!