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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jibril I P5

Tito, John, Sam, Maryland and Audu like to boast about international dates and events.
One day, their teacher asked them in class, "what is the similarity between Olympics games and Football World cup? He promised to give a beatiful d=school bag to whoever get it correcet. They all tried but none got it right. The teacher gave a hint that it has something to do with 29th February. Sam shouted, Öh dear, I forgot it was a leap year that comes once every 4 years like the Olympic games and the football world cup competition.Leap Year (Jibril P5 from Bankys Schl, Nigeria)


Mrs Robinson (100WC Team) said...

Hi Jibril
I like your idea for this week's 100WC as it sets the reader a challenge too. I also liked the way you have included some newsworthy events - well don.e

Mrs. Bankole said...

Dear Jibril, your first time out is really nice. You looked at the prompt from a different angle from what others have considered. Kudos!