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Monday, 9 July 2012

100 WC by Mineh P4

There lived a girl named Joy. She was 10 years old and wanted to become a sport woman in future. One day, she went to school and told her friends Oiza, Angel and Samuel. At 02:00 pm school was over and they all went home. At night Joy was feeling happy and went to bed with the same feeling, while sleeping she dreamt that she was a sportswoman and was in the London Olympics competing in 100m, 200m and 4x4 race, as she was about to begin her race she suddenly woke up, it is morning and time to prepare for school. She felt so bad.

1 comment:

Mrs. Bankole said...

Thanks for contributing your story to this week's 100wc. I hope Joy fulfills her dream in reality. Well done! Your story is interesting.