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Monday, 16 April 2012

We are practical

It was exciting to see Primary Two pupils assemble computer systems by themselves. They were delighted as each group took turns to do this. Look in their eyes and you'll see accomplishment!


Emily / friends said...

Hi my name is Emily and my two best friends Chelsey and Amie. We are from High View PLC. Your website looks really fun and cool. It looks like you do a lot of interesting things. Thanks for reading and have a fun day. xxx

Bethany 6GB said...

I dont think Id think that id be abel to do that!

Bethany 6GB said...

I dont think Id think that id be abel to do that!

Joel and charlie said...

You all looked like you were working very hard ! was it fun ?

Anonymous said...

We've been looking at your blog. We can't even hook a computer up.

Did you need your parents permission to put your faces on your blog?

Class 4/5
Eastern Primary School
Port Talbot

Anonymous said...

how are you able to put a computer together?

my dad makes games in a company called astra games and he makes fruit machines. he can not put a computer together like that your amazing!

paris childs
eastern primery school
port talbot