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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Letter to Fatimata -Mineh P4

A Letter to Fatimata Dear Fatimata,    Fatimata, I also like cattle and I am very sorry your cattle died and sorry about the food crisis in your country that begins in 2010. I have never experience it in my life. Don’t be discouraged; pray to God to help you go to school because there you will get prizes and He will help you find food so that you will not die of hunger, also pray for God to put an end to the food crisis. Your arm ache will soon go, just make a time table of what you will do. Thank You!  

1 comment:

Diethild Starkmeth Team 100 said...

Well done, Mineh!
You found encouraging words for Fatimata.
Keep up the great work!
Kind regards,