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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Grandparents -Chisom P4B

When your parents are not around they take care of you, when you are sad they make you happy. Grandparents love their Grandchildren like a treasure. They promise to and do help the family no matter what. When you lose your job they will help you get new one and if they can’t get new one for you, they will help you to feed the family.  If your Grandparents are still alive you are lucky. Grandparents are important because if you have them you have everything. Grandparents tell stories, give ideas and advice, hardworking, help you and sometimes give money. I love my Grandparents


Anonymous said...

I think that your 100wc is amazing!!! I like the way you described your grandparents kind.

Anonymous said...

i think this is well cute thats exactly what grandparents are for you got the exact idea]. i like how your writting is discriptive and very detailed well done. im sure if your grandparents red this they would be delited to now that you think this about them x

Anonymous said...

that describtion was very nice you must really like your grandparents