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Monday, 14 May 2012

100wc Wk 30 Funmilayo P5

There lived a girl, she had everything she needed and her birthday was drawing near. She was very happy about that, later she told her mother about it, her mother asked her to make a list. She wrote the list and gave it to her mother forgetting something, then she said to herself, ‘now what do I need’. Her mother told her to get ready, they are going to the supermarket. On getting to the supermarket, they bought everything on the list. On her birthday, she invited all her friends, they enjoyed the birthday.  


Mrs McGuinnity (Team 100wc) said...

Hi, thank you for entering your 100wc, I really enjoyed reading this.
You had used a lot of detail in your writing and you had used your capital letters accurately - but had you used full stops as well?
Well done and keep posting :-)
Mrs McGuinnity (Team 100wc)

Writing from the Edge said...

From Lorely Team 100WC

Well done with your story this week! It sounds as if the girl in your story had a great birthday, if her mum bought everything on her list! I think you might want to check your punctuation as there are a few bits missing - but well done!