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Monday, 14 May 2012

100wc Wk 29 Toluwani P4

There lived a girl named Laura . Laura was a very kind girl,she always helped the needy and her parent were very proud of her. On the 25th of march was Laura's birthday, laura was so happy beacuase it was her 11th year old birthday. Her parent took her out shopping,they asked her what she wanted and she was thinking, ‘now what do I need’, so she said she wanted a doll house with a car, cupboard, furnitures, beautiful doll's that she could put inside, her parent bought it for her and she was very happy she took care of it and never let it out of her sight.                                  


Anonymous said...

Hi Toluwani :) It's always nice to hear about good things happening to good people. I enjoyed reading about Laura and her 11th birthday present. You portrayed her as a very thoughtful girl. Well done on this weeks 100WC prompt! (Tracey, Team 100WC)

Anonymous said...

I liked your story about laura
and her 11th birthday presents
here are my two stars and a wonder

.good spelling
.great imaganative words
maybe a few adjectives