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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The story of the two boys and the green ball by Chizzy P3A

One day, there were two boys one named John and the other named Peter. The two of them were playing a green ball, they left the ball outside to go in and drink water. Then a boy named Simon took a tiny sharp object and pierced their green ball and hid in a bush. When the two boys heard an explosion sound like, they ran outside and saw that their ball had been busted, they also saw a small hole on it and catch a glimpse of Simon hiding, they go after him and caught him and were about to beat him up when he apologized and he told them he is sorry.


Anonymous said...

Yo, its Josh from England I go to Rhyddings High School! I like that story it has a nice little moral to it.

Mrs. Bankole said...

It is good to be repentant when you realize you did wrong. You story is interesting. Well done!