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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Bob the rabbit by Franklin P3A

Once upon a time in the deep green forest, there lived a very smart tiny rabbit. The name of the rabbit is Bob. Bob is always feeling lonely because he did not have any friend. So one day he decided to learn a piano. But no friend to teach him to play a piano. So he decided to go to the nearest town to look for a piano lesson teacher. On his way he ran into Mr. Fox, “oh sorry Mr. Fox I wasn’t looking” Bob said to Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox said to Bob “where are you going, Bob?” and Bob replied “off to town” “but the town is not a place for you, you like the quiet life. The noise in town will make your ears explode” said Mr. Fox. “But I need to find a piano teacher” said Bob. Come with me I can teach you how to play piano” Mr. Fox said.


Anonymous said...

Hello its Jodie from Rhyddings.I think it's sad that Bob(the rabbit) has no friends but Mr Fox is kind to teach him the piano,however is Mr Fox making dinner plans???????

Mrs. Bankole said...

So good to read this contribution from you. You carefully included the prompt in the story. Well done!

Ash said...

What a lovely piece of writing! You have created some excellent characters - the rabbit reminded me of our pet rabbit which lives in our garden - he is very clever also!
Mr Kenyon
Greenfields School, England.