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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Divine Odolison P4A

Angel’s Story Her name is Angel, 8 years old living in Gaduwa estate attending Bankys Private School. Her favourite colour is green, every Thursday her school always have sporting activities. One Thursday, Angel’s teacher ask her to participate in the 100m race, when Angel was running she fell on a big heavy rock, she got injured badly and her teacher had to take her to a clinic. On the way to the clinic, they met a frost old woman, the old woman took Angel into her caravan house and attended to her with her first aid box, she got better and no need to go to the clinic

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Divine, You've written a thoughtful account about Angel and the good fortune she experiences after her fall. You've tried hard to include all the words in this week's 100 Word Challenge. Next time, check that you have used capital letters correctly after a full stop as this will really help your readers! Keep up your good writing for the 100WC.
Mrs Redwood (Team 100WC)