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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Grandparents- Ejiro P6

Grandparents are your parents’ parents. They come to your house to spend Christmas or other celebrations or you can visit them in the village. They can buy you everything you need, that’s why they are fantastic. I love my grandparents because they are so kind, they make you feel happy when you are sad, and they will take you out and buy things for you. They always stand up for you when you are in trouble and speak for you. They make delicious meal when you are hungry. Grandparents are important because they make you all the time.


Anonymous said...

i love my grandperants to because they are there when i need them and there always on my side and that is why i love my granperants.

Anonymous said...

hi i am georgia from rhyddings high school. i love my grandparents to but i call my parents parents granny and grandad. But i always like to visit there house and play with there dog and do some colouring. i also like it when they come round for christmas because you can get so cosy and they bring you presents and money. But what i like most about my granny and grandad is that everytime they come round they give me and my family a hug.