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Thursday, 21 November 2013


One faithful day, Peter went to the beach to play. He didn't listen to the weather forecast show. There was going to be a powerful tsunami. So Peter and his family entered the sea, but Peter was too tired of swimming. So he left the sea. The tsunami had started, but Peter didn't know. The tsunami killed his dad and all his family. He went home heartbroken. The following day, he went to that same beach. He saw a letter in the bottle. He opened the bottle which was from God. And it said, "no matter how terrible anything has been, God still looks after you".

1 comment:

Bankysbankole's desk said...

PP, that was a fantastic work considering that you wrote this within 10 minutes of getting the prompt. The idea is of the bottle at the beach is great.
More so, a word of comfort coming from God is unique.
Take note of your spelling of 'Tsunami'. The experience of the Philipines though is a Typhoon.
Keep blogging and keep the post on 100wc on.
Well done!