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Monday, 24 September 2012


We are a part of Quad 91. This is made up of the following schools: Bankys Private School in Abuja, Nigeria. Mount Scopus Memorial College in Australia. Market Harborough CE Primary in U.K. and Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School also in U.K. It was fun as some of the 100wc authors commented on the blog on the spotlight last week. For this week of September 24th, Market Harborough CE Primary School is the Quad 91 member school on focus. Bankys Pupils look forward to meeting the pupils of the school. The other two member schools are expected to join as well. We are to visit their blog and comment, encourage, give suggestions and make friends with the pupils of the school on the spotlight. When it is the turn of our school to be on the spotlight, we shall expect the other three quad 91 member schools to do the same.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Bankys students! My name is Miss Bedwell and I teach the year 7 students you are blogging with from Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School. My students are sitting around me right now reading your work, talking about it, and are enjoying it!