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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Twin puppies

Two of my neighbors got gifts of puppies from another neighbor that the dog had many puppies. One of them could not find her puppy and saw a neighbor with a puppy that looks exactly like hers and she and the other neighbor started to argue. An old man came and asked them, "do you have a receipt?" The puppies were not bought so there was no receipt but they both described exactly same kind of puppy. Then the old man said, "they must be identical twins then". What a way of knowing the right owner of identical puppies?

By Elosola


jfb57 said...

Hi Elosola
I've read quite a few 100WC entries this week and nearly all of them are about buying things from shops.....so well done for thinking of something so original! This would be a great starting point for a longer story; I wonder how are they going to solve the problem?
Caroline (Team 100WC)

jfb57 said...


Message for the teacher.
Some people trying to comment are finding it a bit difficult because of having to register in one of the accounts in the drop down menu. Could you perhaps have a look at using Discus as it is much easier.